Escape Game Se7en, Losked . Kiev.
Escape Game Se7en, Losked . Kiev.
Escape Game Se7en, Losked . Kiev.

Escape Game Se7en

Players 2—4 players
Age Age restriction 18+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 400—650 ₴ per team

About the game Se7en

Having opened your eyes, you found yourself in some weird abandoned place and you were not the first one there. You are not sure how much time you have spent here and how much is left. You turned to be in a maniac lair. The psycho plays God and punishes his captives for their committed Capital Sins. Will you be the next victim or manage to escape from the clutches of the fanatic?

Photos escape game Se7en


Address escape game Se7en

Kiev, ul. Mykilsko-Botanichna, 3
Underground station
  • Olympic
+38 073 ... Show phone number

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Was it easy to get to and fins the place? Was staff friendly? Did you like the writing hall?
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